Duchess of Sweet started in 2018 as a mission to change hearts and minds to an underrated classic, rocky road. 


Flavourless jelly and lacklustre marshmallow covered in cheap chocolate is not good enough anymore. 


So after a decade of dreaming about creating a rocky road that would wow the world, Lucy and Judi set out to make their dreams of elevating this treat to an unforgettable dessert a reality. 

Lucy, doing what she does best, playing with chocolate.

Based in their hometown of Brisbane this two woman team is crafting an artisan products in small batches from the highest quality ingredients.


Making marshmallow and jelly in five flavours from scratch, our rockyroad is covered in couverture Belgium chocolate.

We celebrate the rule breakers, the history makers and the female pioneers, who paved the way for girl bosses (like us) across the world.


Now baking and creating everyday, the Duchess of Sweet is delivering delectable, sassy and totally instagramable treats for every moment of your personal history.


Have an event or special milestone coming up? Why not celebrate it with chocolate? Check out our events page for details.

Judi (she doesn't like having her photo
taken but we found this one. Retro classic!)